Bridge Embankment Rejuvenation

This is the largest undertaking by the volunteers of FOBS and Bloomin' Bentham so far.  Having submitted the original proposal to Network Rail for this joint project and having held a site meeting with members of their Community Rail department, we have now completed a risk assessment and await the granting of the project licence, so that we can get underway in the new year.

We plan to tidy up the area by removing the small seeded trees, trimming the overhanging foliage, clearing the undergrowth and introducing planting and habitats which will encourage wildlife to the embankment.  The fence adjacent to the footpath will be repaired as part of the project.

You would be made most welcome, if you would like to join us for this exciting project.  


Photographs of the embankment taken in September 2012 before the start of the project.
 (All SB)         

There's a lamp post in here somewhere.                             The leaning and broken fence.      

          Undergrowth spreading onto the pavement.                                 Overhanging foliage.

Bentham Station, rail gateway to the western Yorkshire Dales and
the Forest of Bowland


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