The Station Information Room


The Station Information Room is open Monday to Friday from 07.30 to 16.30.
A toilet with facilities for the disabled is available via the information room.

You can obtain:
                                 Timetables - for the Bentham Line, neighbouring lines and local
                                    Guides - the Windowgazer and Walks Guides for the
                                                    Bentham Line.

  Railcard Application Forms - for the Dales, Young Persons, Family, Senior and
                                                    Disabled Railcard.
                   Rail Travel Offers
- details of Rover, Ranger and Round-Robin fares
                                                    and destinations.
Local Attraction Information - details of attractions in and around Bentham,
                                                    along the Bentham Line and in the western Dales
                                                    and Forest of Bowland.

A Selection of the Leaflets Available





Bentham Station, rail gateway to the western Yorkshire Dales and
the Forest of Bowland


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